Sunday, July 03, 2016

2016 Auctions and Prices

Some fascinating stuff happening in the auction world.... Lots of large, large, large collections coming up for auction.  It looks like more and more people are getting out of the train business or are just plain no longer with us.  I have another theory though....

One theory or idea is that there are too many toy trains now on the market.  With the huge influx of Chinese and Korean manufacturing, there are just too many toys out there.  Prices are really dropping.  I can see it on eBay alone.  I just auctioned off some of my collection and while the auction house did an absolutely bang up job, the prices for my stuff (especially original Flyer and Lionel as well as MTH) just did not fetch as much as they have in the past.

Anyone notice the Lionel Corp catalog from MTH for 2016 never happened?  I've seen a few of the cars land however it looks like the Subway set may never be produced.  I haven't bought a new train in over two years however I was waiting for that one.  Go figure.

Times they are a changin!  I did just renew my TCA membership and I have been running some trains this summer.  I'll post some shots of the layout.  I'm thinking about pulling the ballasted MTH track up and just putting down a huge chunk of O gauge along w/some switches and sidings.  I really love running my trains and I'll deal with not having a standard gauge loop in exchange for multiple prewar O gauge trains running all at once.... Thoughts?



cheryl lude said...

Greetings...This is off topic but..
I recently inherited a McCoy carousel and have been trying to find information on it. I noticed a few lights have burned out and was wondering if anybody know where I can find replacements. I would also like to find out more info on the history of it. My late father purchased it at a toy convention in NY in the late 70's..
Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Cheryl Bradley

marklin80 said...

I know all the cars I ordered came in all at once.(All 18 of them!) I just hope and dream that the next MTH Tinplate catalog has some new engines in it. How many 408's and 400's do we need(rhetorically speaking)? How about an F3 with some streamlined cars or a GG1. I may even go for a Geep.