Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bigguest High Rail Layout EVER!

Ok, for a minute, forget about standard gauge. I know it is hard, just try for 30 seconds. I was in Amersterdam last week (that's right, the Netherlands) and I went to this place called "Madurodam".

The place is essentially a huge model of Amsterdam in 1:25 scale. I took a bunch of pictures. It's essentially the best modeling I have ever seen. It's also a huge train layout. It has boats in real water that really move, cars that move, airports with planes that taxi on the runway, trolleys and trains (commuter and freight). And tons of little people.

What makes it so good? Well, it is huge for starters. I posted the link above. I'll post some Youtubes as well. The attention to detail is spectacular. Bar none, I've never seen such a spectacular achievement and attention to detail. And it works here; this isn't modeling a part or a chunk out of a time and "just" a place. This is modeling a whole city with buildings that are brand new and buildings that are hundreds and hundreds of years old. I had a chance to compare the models to the real buildings and they were spot on.

I know, it's a larger scale so it is easier. This is a couple of acres of modeling though and they did virtually the whole city including canals with everything moving.

Only one thing kind of spooked me: they had real fish in the water. And not little gold fish but some larger fish like Bass and Trout. Maybe even a catfish. Seeing those suckers swimming around in such juxtaposed with such a detailed little city was kind of un-nerving.

Oh yes, and I had the best eclair in their cafe I think I've ever had in my life. The only downside was that with the dollar so weak right now and the Euro pretty strong it costs a huge chunk of change to get to this place. If you are in Europe on an expense account or doing some corporate travel I'd recommend this or if you are retired and plan these kinds of trips. With some planning the cash outlay can be minimal, spur of the moment is like buying box seats at a Yankee or Red Sox game.....

It's fantastic and if you get a chance to leave the US of A and want to see an amazing spread and get some great ideas, you need to check this out.

I've never seen a working lift bridge like this one, not over real water no-less. And I've never seen a working model boat pass under the bridge and than double back!!!

By the way, the 3rd picture down is a scale, working water lock. I was dumbfounded when I saw this thing actually work.

Some new posts....

Ok, ok. I haven't had time to do much posting lately. Been all over the place with work and summer travel. Here's a neat little car I saw in one of my travel's this summer:

Imagine pulling up to a train meet in one of these neat little biddies! I could fit all of my standard gauge benchwork on top and still have room for some boxcars and a 400E inside! This isn't a huge truck either so I am guessing it gets pretty decent gas milage.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Olson Displays New Website

The new Olson Displays Website is now up. It is worth a quick look as there are some exciting new items coming for all train people that like prewar models and toys....