Sunday, October 26, 2014

Brugger Modelleisenbahn-Club/Switzerland

My friend in Switzerland Michel sent me this really cool link to BMC.  We'll stay with BMC (it stands for Brugger Modelleisenbahn-Club).  As you can see from the pics I downloaded, this club has a way cool layout.  Here's the link to the club here.  I love European trains, I had them as a kid.  I'll post some more from Michel.  We are in prime time for trains here in the USA as well (the season is upon us).  


The One That Keeps Getting Away

There are few items in standard gauge that I "must have".  At this point in my life, I'm glad to just get time with the friends I've made and to see their amazing collections.  But here is one car or item I wish would get made.

I'm not sure who made it but I think it is way cool.  It's motorized, standard gauge, a work car.  I've seen prototypes on the Metro North, LIRR, even the T in Boston .  Work cars are a big deal everywhere.  I also think the neat thing about this car is the color.  It could be Union Pacific or a stock car.  Regardless, I've only seen it once and never again.  Not glossy or glitzy but stunning nonetheless.