Monday, August 30, 2010

Mountain railway gondola Redux

Here is the original Mountain railway that Tucher and Walther used for inspiration. From a German company called Doll and made in the 20's-30's. Lighthouse from the same people.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mountain Railway Gondola

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Picked up this cute little Tucher and Walther Railway Gondola. I thought it looked more like one of those "transfer warehouses" from MTH. Whatever it is, I thought it was kind of neat. Has a little wheel on the other side to hitch up a little steam engine to make the cars go in and out of the buildings. Now I just have to make some layout space...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Erector Type 1 Airport Beacon

I always set this up when we do SGMA displays - it's a unique and very old Erector model that is partially home made. It probably dates from the 1930s based on the type of Erector parts used for the tower. Erector works great with Standard Gauge. I also collect Erector so I really appreciate the way the two work together.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Experiment

I wanted a new standard gauge building however I also wanted something DIFFERENT. I've always wanted sky scrapers in standard gauge. So I goofed around on the web, did some research... Voila! I found this at for under $60! This is almost uniquely ideal for any standard gauge layout. It's all metal, it's the right color and style... A perfect weekend project for a budget conscious train nut...

If anyone has any Erector layout buildings they have pictures of, please send them to me for immediate posting.

Who'd of thought in 2010 I'd find an Erector Empire State building!

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Beautiful AF Pocahontas Cars!

I've actually been downsizing my Standard Guage collection during the past few years. I've sold off some big sets and a lot of single items, locos and cars. My interests have shifted toward early American 2 inch gauge and Marklin gauge 0 and gauge 1. With limited space (and a linited train budget) I have to concentrate on where my interests lie. Last winter I was about to part with my boxed AF "Shasta" locomotive until I took it off the shelf and looked at it again closely. It is such a masterpiece that I couldn't bear to sell it, even though I did not have the "Pocahontas" passenger cars that go with it. So I put the loco back on the shelf. Recently, I purchased three Pocohantas cars on EBAY. Now I'm really glad that I saved the Shasta because these cars are just georgeous. I can't wait to get this set rolling on the layout. The colors are really great.