Sunday, September 26, 2004

Model Engineering Works

Gilbert Ives had a good point in a prior post. These guys have some great repro tinplate up, especially if you like Ives wide gauge (like I do). Not everything that ran in the first part of the 20th Century came from Lionel....

Check out MEW's reproduction stuff. I know I'll be ordering it sooner than later. At least the pics certainly don't disappoint. I gotta say it, thank God there is another manufacturer of tinplate in the USA. As much as I like buying MTH stuff I like buying product from local folks even more. I like to know where my money goes!

By the way, they are a great parts dealer as well, very reputable and honest.Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Antique Toy World

This collection had some amazing toys. Really, my jaw was on the floor when I saw some of the masterpieces in this collection. The prices were high but the toys were so amazing I'd have to say most of them were worth it.

This magazine might be something for us train nuts. It isn't the usual toy train fare where a little standard gauge is mixed in with high railing, debates about lawsuits, Lione's future, etc.. This is just old toys. I am sending my check out for a yearly subscription Monday morning! Posted by Hello

Friday, September 24, 2004

Another truck for a standard gauge layout. Texaco used to have the best Christmas trucks (most people like Hess). They are still available at many train shows and on eBay. After Shell bought Texaco I bought a dozen trucks, I knew Shell wasn't going to keep around the Texaco name or traditions. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tricky Taxi

Just to give you an idea of how the Tricky Taxi stacks up to a Flyer Set. Notice the gargantuan Mickey Mouse right next to the taxi and the Flyer car. Like I said, don't worry too much about scale. Still, the old Tricky Taxi can be had for under 100 bucks and is really fun on any layout. Posted by Hello

Cars for Trains II

Ok, the scale isn't so good but the car is consistent with the time standard gauge was made. I have slowly collected these cars, you can get what amounts to a beautiful antique for not a whole heck of a lot of money. Poke around on eBay and at flea markets (there is a huge one with these cars in Stormville, NY). They are really nice and they almost never top 100 bucks (usually about 30 to 60 bucks). M Posted by Hello

Cars for Trains

Ok, so I know we are all building layouts and need cars on these layouts. Tom Virgil asked the question on the standard gauge groups page.

I took a couple of pictures of cars I have collected. Some are closer to scale than others, although scale is kind of irrelevant in standard gauge. Since these are toys what really matters is how much you like the auto and how it fits into your layout.

The above is a Wyandotte Pickup. Not quite scale but still looks pretty darn neat next to the old 42.

PS The link above gets you to an eBay area with some great antique toy cars. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

More Dick Kughn Collection....

More of Dick Kughn's collection is going up for auction this weekend. Most of it (as far as I can tell) is Madison Hardware stock. Not much (if anything) in standard gauge. Still, there is a TON of stuff in this auction. If you like Post War Lionel, I could see getting really excited.

Unless it is something really special, I generally tend to stay away from Post War stuff. It is neat but a little pricey and my standard gauge takes up too much room.


Left Coast Trains

A San Diegan sent me this pic to remind me that trains do exist on the left coast. I'd love to see some more layouts and collections from the home of Tom Sefton and Ward Kimball. Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Leland Detroit - Please!

A nice pic of the ever-elusive Leland Detroit Monorail. In the last month, I have seen two go up on eBay and one at Stout Auctions. All well over the $2k mark (one over $4k).

Enough is enough - Lionel & MTH, are you listening? Please build this, tons of people will buy it and you will continue to make money if you evolve this product - track, switches, electronics, people, stations and accessories. The reason this product is so sought after is because it is:

1) Unusual and unique.
2) Downright fun.
3) Has a timeless design that makes it forever cool.
4) Looks great on almost any layout (except maybe an O gauge high rail layout of a freight

This is a product with a ton of unrealized potential that needs to get picked up by a manufacturer and made. The reason the originals have lasted so long is because they are made out of non-cheap, not easy to destroy materials like METAL!

Can someone please make these so I can buy a new set (along with about 10,000 other collectors and operators)?


Working on a coal mine....

Looks like Joe Mania's "Fixed Bucket Mining Cars" are getting near ready! It's amazing how something so simple can look so extraordinary. Click on the link. For 60 bucks each, these are an incredible deal.

M Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Stout Sept. 17th & 18th Auction

Just watching this thing on eBay's live auctions -

The prices are pretty much in the stratosphere. Some of the stuff is reasonable - I just saw a boxed 256 O Gauge Engine in great shape go for about $1000.

Still though, I'd love to know who can afford some of these prices! I just watched an orange 9U set in ok shape go for about $7200! Yes, I have seen the Frank Petruzzo video from years ago where he brags about paying well over $10k for a boxed 9U special set. But he was definitely the exception to the rule (come on, who has 14 Blue Comet sets)?

Something tells me MTH is going to do well in the longterm if they keep reproducing this stuff with good/consistent quality over the long haul. I'd love to know if anyone else will ever enter the field to make some great and reasonably priced standard gauge?

I'm sorry, but to me $1000 is still a good chunk of change and takes me a while to earn.

Anyone have any thoughts on the high price of our hobby?


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Some wierd stuff on eBay

Looks like some scratchbuilt SG out on eBay. Kind of interesting and worth a look. Posted by Hello

Monday, September 13, 2004

Sniped on eBay

I just got severely sniped again on eBay. Probably for the best, I really didn't need the stuff I was bidding on anyway.

I guess it is good for the seller but it is mighty distasteful for me. This really jacks up the price quick and makes some items rather expensive and unpalatable.

What does everyone else think of this practice? What I am referring to is when you bid on eBay, someone uses some technology or just plain timing and sneaks in at the last minute and outbids you. Sometimes outrageously.

Anyone have any experiences or thoughts on this?


Sunday, September 12, 2004

A nice original Ives 3237R. I wish someone would remake these, they are a nice alternative to Lionel 10E's (looks good, pull great and make a ton of noise). Thanks Mike V. for the picture! Posted by Hello

Another nice picture of the Yale Bowl Trolley! Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Amazing 2 7/8 Collection

Ok, I went into a minor respiratory arrest when I saw this. I hyperventillated and my son needed to get me a paper bag. I wish I could see more collections like this. The owner of the amazing 2 7/8's collection I mentioned in prior posts sent this to me. Shows that these trains are tremendous when used to their fullest potential.

Click on the picture to get a better/enlarged shot.

By the way, looking at this got me thinking - will the new MTH 2 7/8 gauge stuff run on AC or DC? The 2 7/8 gauge stuff I have doesn't like AC very much. I wonder if this is going to be a one shot deal for MTH or if they are going to span this out a bit? Only time will tell but it does make me anxious to see their next catalog.

One more thing that's kind of interesting to think about - with all of the new fangled electronics coming out for us train folks, not much of it seems compatible with the old stuff. Except one interesting thing I read - apparently the DCS system from MTH can handle AC and DC. Obviously my 2 7/8 and my standard gauge isn't going to run with any kinds of fancy sound systems (except that lovely noise they make anyway) but it is good to know we at least have an option besides a throttle. The remotes for DCS are kind of neat and it does let you control a tremendous amount of "stuff" on a layout.

Sorry, still fixated on that tremendous collection. Breathe Marc, breathe into the bag and think about your happy place..... Posted by Hello

Hand Wound Trolley Motors (Cohen)

Motors getting ready for some trolleys! I don't remember if I posted this or not. Handwound motors always run so darn well! Those Pittman's aren't bad but I like the racket these things make! Posted by Hello

Friday, September 10, 2004

MTH 2005?

Some nice standard gauge gossip - apparently the tinplate catalog for MTH has been successful, they are going to bring out another tinplate catalog around the York timeframe or near the first of the year.

I like this - new standard gauge that has optional new or old electronics in it. The quality thus far of Mike's tinplate has been very good and I like how he is breathing some life into the hobby. Apparently the Ives Prosperity Specials are sold out!

By the way, let me get on a soapbox for one second (uh oh) - I have seen (predominantly on the AOL boards) some very negative comments about Chinese people, especially when it comes to manufacturing trains and the like. Racism is bad in any form. I see quite a few folks waxing eloquent about American jobs lost, how Joshua Cowen is rolling over in his grave because he liked American jobs, etc.

Might I remind everyone that the first employees at the Lionel plant were actually Italian immigrants. Some Lionel manufacturing and die work was done predominantly in Italy. Even that long ago (almost a century now), smart guys like Cowen could see the global economy. I don't see many train people turning down a prime antique Marklin Gauge 1 piece or new laptop (all of which are made somewhere else). Botom line - be glad we're getting new standard gauge and support the people willing to make it! Lest we forget that all of us are from somewhere else. (ok, I am off the soapbox).

MPosted by Hello

Mulberry Street

Mulberry Street Trolley (made by Mr. Cohen). Thanks Mike V. for sending this! Wouldn't it have been great to ride down Mulberry Street in one of these?Posted by Hello

Yale Bowl Difference

Here's what makes the Yale Bowl Trolley a little special - check out the signage inside the trolley! It is a replica of the signage used in real trolleys! I bet Lionel thought of this but never tried it because it required a little more work and a little more time. Posted by Hello

Yale Bowl Trolley (Standard Gauge)

One of Jim Cohen's creations. Thanks Mike for sending me this pic of this amazing trolley! Check out my prior pic from previous posts of the actual Yale Bowl Trolley at the Trolley Museum in New Haven. Pretty darn good likeness! Again, this shows how amazing standard gauge is and how much stuff there is to really produce in this gauge. O gauge wouldn't look right and G Gauge would be just too big. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Here is a bona fide, genuine Mayflower up for auction at Stout Auctions. I haven't seen many of these in this kind of condition, it is definitely worth checking out! Posted by Hello

Friday, September 03, 2004

Stout Auctions Sept. 17 Auctions

I have bought some terrific trains from Stout Auctions. Greg Stout runs a top notch shop and his grading, pictures and honesty are always the best. You can register to bid on the auction via the web. You can also follow along on the eBay live auction website. The above picture is of an Ives transition set he has out there. Pretty darn nice and something you don't see boxed everyday.

By the way, I'd urge all of my readers to periodically check out the eBay live auction website. There are tons of trains (especially standard gauge) that sneak up in bigger auctions that don't get mentioned. I've seen some amazing prices on these live auctions because an estate gets auctioned off and the trains aren't the premier items. Just be patient and keep an eye out for the future auctions. Then there are bonehead auction houses that think every train should start at $20k. Uh, no. Posted by Hello

Great Collecting e-Zine

The link above gets you to a great collecting e-Zine (or electronic publishing site) called "The Scoop". The magazine gets sent out once every few weeks. I have been very impressed with the content and pictures and they have covered some really great toy train events.

It's free and it is definitely worth the sign up!

I am back from the hospital and I should be able to start posting more info again. Definitely check back next week for some new articles and info!

Have a great (and long) weekend!


C&F Mining Cars

Oh Man! I can't wait to see the Carlisle and Finch product Joe turns out with this pail of wonder!! Makes me want to start to plan a mining town on my layout! Posted by Hello