Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Checkout the Tinplate Times....

This new Ives 390E is really something. I know many of the collectors out there simply thinks this is just a hack. I still get a thrill out of opening a new 390E and seeing the shiny paint and wheels.

Now stop oogling the damn loco and go do some reading over at Jim's latest magazine!!!

Was thinking of Alex....

Heck, I'd be drawn to some esoteric trains if I saw them and they were anything like the scale shown here. I thought of Alex (one of the blog authors) when I saw this Marklin ad.


Another Hertz Pic....

I liked this one, it shows Hertz with Walter Popek comparing 2 7/8 gauge finds....


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lou Hertz On Ives

"One thing is absolutely certain. Every collector, regardless of his original interests or intentions, sooner or later is going to have to face the matter of Ives trains, for Ives unquestionably dominates almost the entire landscape of such old model collecting like a gigantic mountain, or, as some new fans who have not yet fallen under the spell (as they almost invariably sooner or later do), may insist, like a gigantic cloud." - Louis H. Hertz, Collecting Model Trains, 1956, p. 49.

This well-worn old trooper of an Ives #195 caboose was an earlier example in my collection that I have since replaced with a caboose in better condition. However, there's something strangely charming and nostalgic about these old soldiers that have seen better days.

Anyway, there are some blockbuster auctions coming up at Bertoia and Noel Barrett, and York is just a few short weeks away, so there is plenty of excitement in standard gauge tinplate. I can hardly keep up with it all.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Terry Johnson in CTT

The May 2008 CTT is coming at ya with a nice article on Terry Johnson's standard gauge layout.

Definitely worth a look!

One more item: I am very interested in Lionel's new TMCC control system. Has anyone tried running standard gauge with it yet?


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stout Auction March 14th & 15th

I don't like the word "mint" unless it's on a York Peppermint Patty or in Iced Tea. "Rare" is another one I relegate to steak houses and periodically a decent burger place.

They are words that are overused in the train collectors lexicon, almost to the point of meaning nothing. Every novice butthead vomits out the words "mint" and "rare" at every auction and train show they attend.

However, this Stout Auction has something unusual. I urge everyone to check this out. The above is a brand new prewar 115 station. Hasn't been unwrapped yet. 115's aren't especially exceptional however 70 year old (plus) stations that are new are beyond exceptional. It just doesn't happen often (if ever). The rest of this auction is eye popping as well.

I've only put up a few of the sets up for auction (below). The American Flyer prewar O gauge selection is truly outstanding, I would urge you to take a look at it even if you don't buy anything.

By the way, one more unusual thing for this auction - for those folks that travel to Stout Auctions in Indiana - AuctionNetwork is doing a special on this auction and they will be there that day doing filming. I can't guarantee a set will go for $235k or anything but this does have the makings of a very interesting day....

There are many gems to be had at this auction. Hopefully they won't all go for a mint....


PS Is anyone going to Vermont in April for the big TCA get-together?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

New Version of Toy Collector

The new edition of toycollector is out and as usual, it is fantastic. Check out the outstanding article on toy train stations. It's a nice departure from the usual Lionel homage. Some absolutely gorgeous German prewar tin. I haven't seen one or two of these stations ever and I would bet that many collectors would say the same (it's one of the great things about this hobby)....


Joe's Standard Gauge Army Train

We've seen a few army trains in standard gauge come up on eBay from time to time. They can't hold a candle to Joe's standard gauge army train.

This one was built using the body from a reproduction Army Train from Richart and it came out very nice.

Click on the picture to get a larger view. Again, when I see Joe's scratch built creations I wish that some of the larger manufacturers could do a little out of box thinking. If Joe can put these together with some hard work and tenacity, imagine what a full blown machine shop with an Autocad area and state of the art stamping tools could do. More pics Joe!!