Thursday, November 25, 2004

Stout December 5th & 6th

Ok, if you are sitting around today watching your kids trash the house and you'd rather see anything else, this is a great alternative.

Stout's Dec. 5th and 6th online catalog is up. It has some great stuff. Also, I'd recommend going out and checking NETTE's catalog for December 4th as well. Seems like a ton of classic standard gauge out there. Quite a few Comets and 500 series cars.

If you are tied up with a significant other just trying to get families under control, try to have a Great Thanksgiving!

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Auctions - Going Once!

Auctions everywhere! NETTE, Ward Kimball, Maurer and more through the end of the year!

Is this an advertisement? No. Is this just me wondering why all these great collections are getting blown out in one weekend? Yes.....

Yes, I have seen quite a few folks cashing in their American Flyer Presidents Specials in the last month or so.... What's going on here? Is it just coincidence or is this some reflection of the economy?

I know there are no shortages of bidders in these auctions so standard gauge as a hobby must be alive and well. Still, it seems like quite a few trains are changing hands (this is purely outside of the shows as well) and they aren't going cheap. Any thoughts?


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lionel Chat Nov. 18

Ok, you're probably getting tired of hearing about this, but if you aren't...

Follow the link above for a chat with Lionel tonight to discuss the Chapter 11 filing, etc.. I am going to reserve my opinions on this to myself and leave it to everyone on the board to write up commentary and add the comments to this message.

If you want my commentary, I'd be glad to send it offline (in an email).

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Slightly off topic - Park Trains Again....

Ok, a little off topic. But WOW! Look at these things! I'd like to see what these guys use for display shelves!

Somehow I find it hard to believe that many of the folks that collect these are also HO model railroaders. "If it doesn't take two people to lift it, I'm not interested." (I'm quoting a collector).

Thanks for the picture TJ!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Park Trains

A gentleman I know is in the process of acquiring one of these Hurlbut trains. I had no idea people actually collect theme park trains. Yes, I know, I probably should have guessed but I didn't (especially after that huge article in the TCA quarterly).

Where the heck do ya fit these things? Does anyone have any collection pics? I've seen a few here and there at huge train meets....

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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Real Deal

A great picture that shows how accurate a toy can be. I wonder how I could fit one of these in my train room.... Are there any of these left anywhere?

PS Thanks for the pic Kirk!

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2 7/8 Gauge Wheel

Want to see what it looks like when a new 2 7/8 wheel is being born? Here you go! This is Joe Mania making a new train for himself! Yes, talented people can like their own work!

More importantly, this is something not many of us get to see very often. I can only hope that Joe makes thousands more of these wheels.....

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Joe's at it again!

Here is a great pic of some new items waiting to be put into Joe Mania's 2 7/8 gauge cars. I love seeing the raw materials for great trains. Sometimes I think Jim Cohen and Joe Mania are professional puzzle makers. These things look like they should all be on their own until they are put together to make a train. More pics on the way!

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Rich Art Cascade

Everytime I see awesome motive power like this I think my whole collection just sucks. I have seen very few of these in my years collecting and I am always blown away. The realism that also has a toy-like quality really gets me (it is made out of metal, has bright colors and fairly simple lines yet it still is a pretty darn good rendition of the real thing, plus I want to run it!!!).

I wish some of the current manufacturers would throw us a curve ball like this engine. What blows me away is that it was just Dick Mayer and one or two occasional helpers building this stuff. One man saw this to fruition and he definitely rolled some art in metal.

I'm always intrigued whenever I watch those shows where a team of tatooed guys builds a big, kick-butt motorcycle or one of a kind car. I wonder if they could make something as majestic as the above?

Makes me glad my layout is going to have very wide curves!

Thanks Kirk for the picture!! Keep 'em coming!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oh Pocahontas!!!

This is one set that recently went at Stout Auctions for under $2k. I'd love to get my hands on one of these. I am thinking about copying a few pages from my catalogs and sending them to a few manufacturers. This set is not quite as large as the Legionairre but the colors are still as beautiful. The only colors I have seen that I think come close are the Dorfan Croc's and cars in Floridian Colors (I have the loco but not the cars).

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Ward Kimball Auction

Part of Ward Kimball's collection is getting auctioned off on November 20th. The above is the eBay link. Just a couple of thoughts:

1) Ward's collection was probably one of the nicest I have ever seen.
2) The prices are going to be blindingly high.
3) This is one collection that I would rather not have seen auctioned. I'd rather have Ward back. The trains seemed to congregate around a great man. This guy made the world better, his collection was a reflection of decent, creative and diverse human being.

I know they are just trains but they kind of make me miss him.

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Monday, November 08, 2004

NETTE 12/4/04 Auction

Here comes another big auction from NETTE. Some very nice trolleys. Definitely worth a look. I am going to try and go....

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Marx Freight Station

Kirk sent a note on this great Marx Freight Station:

I bought four of these on ebay to create a freight terminal area. As you can see from the yardstick, these are exactly the right size for Standard Gauge, and are not very expensive. The litho is great.

From Marc -

I can only add - I wish I had one too. A freight area might be nice with vast array of 200 and 500 series cars I have....

PS Check out the link (it is this station on eBay)!

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One last pic from a fun weekend.... I am looking forward to the next auction already. I really wish there was an easier way to meet people at these things. A few friends were there and I had no way to meet them (I've only met them online and don't know what they look like!) Posted by Hello

Dehanes F3 Set

Aarrggghh. The elusive Dehanes Santa Fe Chief set is driving me nuts!

Frankly, I don't feel good enough right now to chase this thing down. There are a few floating around out there; most of the sellers seem to think they should go for $4k to $5k.

I don't think so. They didn't cost that much new.

So here's what I will do; the dealer or plain old collector that can get me one of these sets for a reasonable price (something under $3k) gets the above loco. I don't really care who steers me to the set, if I complete the transaction and get a complete Dehanes Santa Fe set in excellent condition for a reasonable price, you get the loco.

I am not going to guarantee the loco in any way. It runs like crap but looks great. Some oil and TLC will make it run absolutely great. This is a simple equation - help me get the Dehanes Santa Fe set and I will give you a nice MTH 408E loco (traditional). I think that is a very reaonable and equitable trade! Any thoughts?

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Another Auction Pic from 11/6 Auction in PA

I wish I had been there just one hour earlier! M Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ives Bridge

Ok, I picked up this Ives Bridge at the Maurer Auction. It reminded me of the bridges from my post on Oct. 28th. This is a cool looking bridge and frankly, I haven't seen one before. (Yes, I collect standard gauge but I am collector that doesn't even start to pretend to know everything.) I love going to these events because I learn a tremendous amount and see thing I never knew existed.

So here's the question - Do I refurbish it or just clean up the track and leave it the way it is? I think it would look absolutely amazing refub'ed. Frankly, it's going right on the layout I am planning. So whaddya think?

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There's the chair (Maurer 11/6/04)

Both of those transition sets went for a little over $1k. Worth it for two sets that were in absolutely great shape. Those engines went for about 450 bucks. Posted by Hello

More Lionel (Maurer 11/6/04)

Same plain old Lionel sets (I bought the 8E set above). As plain as they are, they are still a load of fun to run around a wood floor anytime of year. The make a ton of noise and are still amazing to watch. These are some of my favorite sets because originals are reasonably priced and they tend to run like clocks.

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Lionel Anyone? (Maurer 11/6/04)

Lionel aplenty on the tables at the Maurer auction. They also had some standard gauge going in the back room as well. I missed a McCoy trolley in the back room that some dealer snapped up. Again, this stuff was very reasonable. I saw three red hoppers with loads go for about $600.

These folks (at Maurer Auctions) really have their act together. I was impressed with how fast they could publish out information and get everything billed and done. They were very friendly as well. I hope Ted Maurer does more of these soon!

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JAD Hiawatha - Maurer Rail Auction 11/6/04

Someone grabbed a beautiful set. I have the engine but not the cars (if anyone has any cars they can part with).

They also auctioned off a JAD Southern Pacific Daylight. Went for 1500 bucks. Very reasonable for a very rare set. That's a heck of a nice set close up.

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Ted Maurer Standard Gauge Auction 11/6/04

I was really glad to get to this auction in PA today. I was kind of green around the gills and needed a friend to come and prop me up. What a long friggin drive!! I got there about an hour late but I was definitely NOT disappointed.

I gotta tell ya, I had a great time. The prices were very reasonable. I loved the way the products were presented. I grabbed a no. 8 set, an Ives Bridge (see other post) and a Dehanes A unit. The other Dehanes AB unit went for $750. A little more than I wanted to pay. Among the other cool things that went - a ton of Pride Lines stuff and a ton of McCoy. There was a dealer there that was buying McCoy like it was on fire.

I saw another collector buy a nice 390E towards the end of the auction and the tender fell smack, flat on the floor. Funny because I nearly had a coronary! All of the 390's, 385's and 1835's went for under 500 bucks. Totally reasonable and above board.

I also liked the how the auctioneer kept it friendly. He knew quite a few of the folks in the audience. It felt like I was at a town meeting and eventhough I was outbid on many items that I wanted, I was glad to see other collectors get what they wanted. It was very friendly and there was some serious speculation by many of the attendees on the origins of the items as well as their age. If was really fun listening to the speculation (I learned something). By the way, I was sitting in the middle (no. 150).

I highly recommend watching this auction house and attend these. If nothing else, PA is beautiful this time of year. I loved seeing those big bales of hay in the fields!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Flyer Catalog Hint

Just curious - has anyone actually seen a picture of the wide gauge layout that American Flyer built on 200 Fifth Ave in NYC? Since I love the President's Special, the back of this old catalog kind of caught my eye. I'd really love to see a picture of this giant flyer wide gauge layout! If anyone has one.....

Please vote!

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Monday, November 01, 2004

State Set for Sale

I'm not happy about this but it's reality - I am out of room in my attic and I can't keep two state sets. The cars are Lionel Classics and the 408E is an early MTH.

The engine runs like $&(@*. I think there is something wrong with the E-unit and I don't think it is heavy enough. There are some nicks and scratches on the cars, very minor dents, etc.. Let me know and I can email pictures. The set is in good shape and I have heard that the Lionel name has made the Classics collectible.

No the blog is not turning into a standard gauge "for sale" flea market (although it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I help sell some cool standard gauge stuff). Nah, I just don't feel like listing this on eBay, I'd rather sell it for less money to someone on the blog. As you can tell from my posts, I have dealt with quite a few buyers and sellers on eBay that suck. Sorry, no soft-soaping it, my eBay ID seems to attract obnoxious people that have long ago tossed civility out the window. I have a few horror stories.

So if anyone wants this, let me know, make me an offer. Same rules as eBay applies. As long as it isn't something stupid like 99 cents, I probably won't say no. I ask that you pay shipping and I will take it to the UPS store to get packed up.

Salright? Salright!

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PS Vote.

Danbury, CT Rail Museum

This is a great musuem (and here is a little standard gauge to prove it). I've seen some ok prewar stuff in museums. I am kind of anxious to go to the Henry Ford Museum to see the Kughn layout (happening next year). Besides Roadside America, the Toy Train Museum (TCA) and the very few I have been too, what are the best museums you all have been to?

I hear the Sefton Museum is excellent and I have been tempted to the the Shempp collection. I have no desire to get bludgeoned with 80 tons of postwar stuff. Ok, maybe 1 ton.

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