Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Train Video Poll

If TM Videos Made a Video about Standard Gauge Trains, which topics would you like to see most.
Select up to 4 of the following:
Videos About Other Collectors (IE Frank Petruzzo, Chuck Brasher, Etc.)
Videos broken up into O gauge and Standard Gauge Prewar
Video's about specific manufacturers (Lionel, MTH)
Videos about lower volume/lesser known manufacturers (McCoy, RichArt, Creswell)
Videos about Rare Items or Accessories
Videos about Early Toy Trains (2 7/8, Knapp, Howard, Voltamp)
Videos about people that make and manufacture toy trains
Videos about noted collectors like LaRue Schempp and Tom Sefton
Videos about actual real trains that were made and built before WWII.
A documentary about pre-WWII manufacturers (Ives)
Web Polls by Vizu

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