Thursday, November 01, 2007

CTT Survey

I call 'em as I see them. CTT has a new survey out and I highly recommend you take it if it is emailed to you or if you follow the link above.

I think it is highly commendable and an excellent business practice for CTT to put this kind of thing out. It shows they are listening to their readers and customers and want to work in the hobby to give people what they want. This is the kind of thing that helps me easily renew my subscription for another three years. Be sure to give them your input, it will help the editors and writers focus on what matters to the hobby and further help give the magazine more diversity and breadth.

There may be some things out there that quite a few tinplate and prewar people didn't or don't know. Likewise with high railers. There's a vast world out there and I guarantee toy trains are getting attention on every continent. Make sure CTT gets your feedback!


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