Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Great American Flyer Wide Gauge Bridge

I've wanted to own the spectacular American Flyer Standard guage No. 4220 Lighted Trestel Bridge for about as long as I've been collecting Standard gauge trains. They come up on EBAY from time to time but I have never won an auction for one. I passed up one at the Allentown semi-annual show a few years ago and I've been kicking myself ever since. This past weekend in Allentown some guys had this beauty on their table along with the smaller 0 gauge "Salt Lake" bridge and so I bought them both - for $140.. The price was right, that's for sure! The 4220 has both original light castings which are soldered to several sections of original AF track. The telegraph poles are gone, but that's an easy replacement from Trickel cast parts. The bridge is so long that it can hold three AF "Lone Scout" cars on its span! Talk about an impressive accessory!


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