Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lou Hertz On Ives

"One thing is absolutely certain. Every collector, regardless of his original interests or intentions, sooner or later is going to have to face the matter of Ives trains, for Ives unquestionably dominates almost the entire landscape of such old model collecting like a gigantic mountain, or, as some new fans who have not yet fallen under the spell (as they almost invariably sooner or later do), may insist, like a gigantic cloud." - Louis H. Hertz, Collecting Model Trains, 1956, p. 49.

This well-worn old trooper of an Ives #195 caboose was an earlier example in my collection that I have since replaced with a caboose in better condition. However, there's something strangely charming and nostalgic about these old soldiers that have seen better days.

Anyway, there are some blockbuster auctions coming up at Bertoia and Noel Barrett, and York is just a few short weeks away, so there is plenty of excitement in standard gauge tinplate. I can hardly keep up with it all.


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