Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Williams Motors Needed!!!

Motors needed! Below is a picture of a neat little revolution in motors. It's a can motor mounted on a truck from Williams. My guess is that these haven't been made in well over 2 decades.

My buddy Joe is trying to build some new standard gauge. These motors are tremendously helpful. They were originally built by Jerry Williams for his standard gauge trolleys. Nowadays, to purchase a completed standard gauge motor is ridiculously expensive and actually exponentially increasees the cost of Joe's production. The added hassle for my buddy Joe is getting motors and completed trucks (see below) seem to be only available in very small quanitties. Most of the motors he sees tend to be modeled after the Lionel Bild A Loco motor. Nice motor for a 400E, not so nice (like the below) if you have a limited amount of space.

He'd like to get his hands on these motors (see below) and I would like to help him. The genius of these motors is that they are so self contained. The truck, driving wheels, gears and can motor are all in one piece. This saves him a ton of manufacturing and provides a really robust motor for long term use. Yes, we all love Bild A Loco's and E-units (sort of). But this motor shines in its' simplicity.

Couple of questions:

Does anyone know where Joe can buy these motors (see below) in quantity?
Are the avaialble anywhere new?
Do you know of someone that might have access to them?

If we get Joe these motors we'll see quite a few unusual trains for sale very soon. The motor is the most complex part of Joe's manufacturing process, it will make his job much easier if the toy trrain community can help him get the parts he needs!!



Anonymous said...

I'm really pressed for time to check myself but how different are these from what NWSL has?

Anonymous said...

Though not Williams, McCoy is making their trolley motor. 200.00 each, not cheap by and means But they are truck mounted so it makes things easier.
-Pat Rolland