Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 TCA Car from MTH

This really isn't a review. It's just a couple of pics and thoughts on this little Reefer car. Couple of first impressions:

1) The graphics are some of the best I've seen on any car, scale, high rail or otherwise.
2) It is really well packed and it came out of the shipping box in perfect condition.
3) I'd like to see more cars like this one. Less brand recognition and more color and graphics.

Damn, this is a nice car. Makes me wish I had about 10 of them; I just can't afford that many! I hope the TCA keeps up the great work on these. Between the crane car from last year and this one, I am just blown away. I do hope they cut a deal with MTH/Lionel and do something really innovative. Look, these are going to cost some $$$, they might as well be really nice and really unique. This Brookside car definitely fits the bill!

Once I get it running behind a 390E I'll let you know how it holds up with switches and cross overs....


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