Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Magic of Youtube....

Arno Baars has put up some very unusual and rare items on Youtube and I would highly, highly recommend seeing these very rare items in action.

First up, a Delker Helix. I don't want to go into the history of this product, it's existence is well known among the collectors of standard gauge esoterica. Outside circles of collectors may not have seen one. This is something to aspire to.

Next up is a General Train Streamliner, a Voltamp Interurban (Pridelines) and a Restored Voltmamp #220. Very cool stuff.

Last but not least are some great shots of the General Train Streamliner. Again this is one of those rare standard gauge items not many folks know about. It's why we need to encourage manufacturers to do some out of box thinking. Nope, it isn't a 400e or 202 Trolley however it is really unique. Just the sound alone on that two rail track has a pitch and sound that can't be replicated. PS I would recommend switching to HQ quality for this video.


PS Check this quick little vid of a C&F 42 running on an elevated track.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have a Pride Lines Interurban for sale?

Anonymous said...

Great trains and a super layout.