Monday, June 15, 2009

More of a gorgeous set...

This set is really unusual because of its' age and the quality of the set. I'll post more pics in a bit...

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Martin said...

This is Martin and I am glad you enjoyed seeing these incredible trains. I should add that the photos of the items in my living room are only a small sample of the whole collection! Among other items not pictured are a boxed 1929 State Set in Like New Condition and the incredible 1936 Lionel 20th Century Limited: The only one known to exist with an original set box marked 433E, 4 Ivory Window State Cars in including the Illinois in its original box in esentially NEW CONDITION. The 400E at the bottom of the photo is the special order that came with the 20th Century. It is a Satin Black finish, with Black Painted Boiler Bands and both a Chugger AND a Whistle! You can follow this link to read an article I wrote for the TCA on this mazing set:
chronicles/pursuit/index.htm .The Prosperity Special shown, I actually owned over 30 years ago and sold it when I went to College. At the time, I purchased it from Russel C. Park of Dover, Illinois and AT THAT TIME it too represented the highest price ever paid for an American toy train: $2500.00!! The boxes are worth 5 times that amount today! After being out of my possession for over 30 years, I had an opportunity to buy it back last year. This time, it is staying put! My collecting philosophy is simple; I aspire to quality not quantity! These trains are the ultimate "EYE CANDY", and the candy is sweeter when the condition is beyond reproach!