Friday, November 06, 2009

More Layout Pics

It's train time again! My MTH Brass Piper seized up. I read about the info in the Tinplate forums and I felt lucky that it wasn't happening with me. No sooner than reading that info... My Piper seized up. I'm probably going to tap one of my esteemed train friends/colleagues to help me un-seize my Piper. I absolutely love that engine and want it back on the roster asap! I have an original Piper I may press back into service.

So here are some more pics, I know some folks would like to see a picture of the whole layout, I'll try and work on that a bit later. Please don't hesitate to write or comment. The blog only gets better with reader pictures, feedback and info. The great thing about trains is not just the toys but the great folks you meet along the journey....

1 comment:

Don Mersch said...

My Brass Piper had to back to MTH three times to get it sorted.