Thursday, March 25, 2010

New MTH/Lionel Tinplate Catalog

Impressive, yes. Do I need to have every item in it? Probably not. But I have to say this is one of the strongest toy train catalogs to come along in almost half a decade. The Brute was a huge step forward in 2009 for MTH/Lionel. The addition of the scale State Cars, some really unique American Flyer sets and the addition of the Blue and Silver Streak are substantial offerings for any company, especially in a fragile economy.

As always, when I see an offering as strong as this one I hope that the catalog has legs beyond us tinplate toy train nuts. I really hope that others will adopt some of the outstanding products offered inside the catalog.

As I've said on this blog before, the opportunity to open a brand new Blue Streak and run it with your son and daughter or grandkids will only happen once in a lifetime. That's one heck of a catalog MTH.


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Brian O. said...


I agree 100%. 2009 was like a new store's soft opening, 2010 is like The Grand Opening.

Not to take away from the dealer network but I'd like to see higher-end boutique shops be able to sell tinplate sets. You know, the over-priced gift, Christmas, jewelry and other shops that cater to the "elite" class. What an impressive window display it would make, too.

Your comment about the Blue Streak may have inspired me to place an order.