Friday, September 24, 2010

Expensive McKeen on eBay

Hi All,

Yet another gorgeous McKeen on eBay. It's at $1700 now. "Why so much?" you ask. Well, because there's a nice little doggy, dressed to the hilt that's eye'ing that fine prewar light post (and he needs a walk).

No? How about because the above is a very accurate representation of the McKeen motor car and it is the only one. Need some market research MTH? Well, 24 bidders on eBay can't be that far wrong. This is one nice car and it is probably worth $1700. My guess is that it will probably top out at or around $3k. In these economic times, I couldn't justify that expense however I am sure there is some hedge fund manager that wants to give his son a nice train for halloween.

All kidding aside, this is a unique item. There's more pictures of it on eBay. Dick Mayer special built one or two of his own McKeen's and they look very similar. Unfortunately it is likely Dick's tooling is lost virtually forever. The stamping machine and tooling was sold to a serious guy who wanted to build trains and turned out not to be too serious and is actually really not serious at all (and yes, I am being cynical).

Maybe I shouldn't write blog posts after brutal weeks at work. I still like the McKeen. Mike Wolf, can you make one of these for a price that isn't in the stratosphere?


Update 9/29/10 - looks like this was pulled off of eBay. Maybe the seller had second thoughts on selling such a wonderful item? Regardless, I am glad I got to see it, I know that it is a one of a kind item and I am glad whoever put it out there let everyone have a look at it.

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Anonymous said...

Technically, it's only 16 different bidders at this time! That's still great.