Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garlick Locomotive: A Remarkable Reproduction

"Billy Budd" (Now the Days Inn & Suites) bandit meet, York, Pa. October 13.

This is Paul Kovacs. He is making a beautiful and authentic reproduction of the early Garlick electric locomotive, complete with catenary!


Benjamin said...

More info on these locos please! I was not aware of Garlick locos till now. Is there anymore info available?


Anonymous said...

While I find it an interesting piece I feel I must point out that Mr. Kovacs' reproduction doesn't look anything like the original Garlick loco. ??? At least not the one I have photos of that sold at auction earlier this year... Were there more than one?

The loco I have photos of has wheels close together with side rods, a more triangular shape and steps with railing leading up to the cab. Instead I would have to call Mr. Kovac's design a new production piece not a repro of a Garlick.

Jim Kelly said...

Mr. Kovacs bought the piece. It looks like a pretty accurate repro to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Very nice repro. I have pics of another early loco of similar construction and wonder if it is Garlick too or what?

I'll try to send the pics to Marc.

Oh, and I wonder if there weren't side rods on the original. ??? That would be neat.

David Croft said...

Do you know if Mr Kovacs was making reproductions to sell? If so, does anyone know how to contact him?

Jim Kelly-Evans said...

Yes, Paul Kovacs sells the reproductions. He lives in New Jersey. I can get contact info for him if you need it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
Thanks, would appreciate it if I could get his contact info.
You can reach me via email

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Jim, another thing if I can delete this post afterwards but not sure how else to contact you. I wanted to know if you know anyone that is making reproduction Voltamp freights. I have managed to acquire a few locos but the cars seem very hard to get hold of and thought repros might be nice for now. If you know of anyone could you let me know.



Jim Kelly-Evans said... one is making repro Voltamp freights that I know of currently. Originals come up from time to time but I haven't seen any recently. Send me an email to kk3k (at) and if I hear of any cars I can let you know.