Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Sorry for the lack of posts. Lately I've become less and less interested in the acquisition of trains vastly more interested in either using them or seeing the real thing. Summer is always ideal for the real McCoy and there are at least two trolley museums that are begging for my attention.

These pics are from the Liberty State Park Station in New Jersey. This is where the actual Blue Comet left from for Atlantic City. The tracks are completely overgrown now. It's kind of strange seeing them, very much like seeing pictures of the Titanic. Really quite beautiful but a little haunting, even in plain daylight.

The building is not quite as nice as Ellis Island or a station like Grand Central, still though, the roof and design seem very European. It really is a wonderful structure and makes you wish you could really board a train there and go someplace exciting (like Atlantic City in the 1930's). The actual windows are all original and the garden and waterfront area is tremendous. They do have some Jersey Central trains there however they are rather underwhelming.

If you are a real train watcher/spotter there are some places in NJ where you can see some real gems. I have seen a GG1 and some very old heavyweights under construction right off of 287 down the pike from Morristown and Parsippany. I got off their one day to grab some lunch and there were tons of old passenger cars on sidings and a GG1 under some kind of rennovation. It was all "off limits" however there was so much stuff there you could see it in plain view from the road.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Keep looking for those trains!

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