Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ives Armatures on eBay

Just perusing ebay, check out this auction from Mr. Bob Hannon:

It's for newly wound Ives Armatures.  I remember speaking with Jim Cohen many times about armatures (or lack thereof) and Jim couldn't say enough good things about Bob.  I have some of Bob's armatures in a few of my Jim Cohen trains and they are as good as anything from the Ives or Lionel factory.

There are quite a few things that can go wrong with an original standard gauge engine.  More often than not the key item that effects performance and is hardest to replace IS the armature.  Winding these things is almost an art form.  Not trivial by any means.  It can be done by a dedicated hobbyist however I've seen Bob's work and it is stellar.  Read is his return policy on eBay and you'll get a good sense of how ethical he is.

Above is a pic for the auction.  I'd recommend you get to know this guy if you have a few original items.  One or two of these armatures sitting around in a desk or repair shop is a great idea.  Maybe it is time for a couple of new armatures anyway in some of my old Ives boxcabs!!


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