Sunday, August 05, 2012

No more GG1's.

You can't open a toy train magazine these days without at least 5 advertisements and no less than 40 references to the GG1.  In 2012, there ARE actually other trains that do run in the United States that are COOL and unique.  I myself have 4 O gauge GG1's and a few standard gauge flavors so I like the product but enough is enough.

In a nutshell, this thing has been beaten to a pulp.  Can the O gauge train producers and magazine editors please put the breaks on the enthusiasm for this particular engine?  I can count the times I've been excited about the GG1:

#1  Seeing one on a side track in NJ a few years back.
#2  Seeing a very nice one in the museum in PA.
#3  Seeing numerous GG1's on my pike as well as on many club pikes.
#4 Talking to and making friends with an actual engineer that piloted PA GG1's (that should probably be #1)
#5 Watching a standard gauge loco roll around the giant SGMA pike.

And there are a few others.  Suffice to say though, when I open a new catalog or eBay or anything and see yet more GG1's with an exciting modification of more accurate paint and grab railing application, my heart not only doesn't flutter but I actually get irritated.  More of the same made in Asia.   Concentrate on making less of what is already there and focus on quality and (dare I say), exclusivity.  End of rant...


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