Friday, April 26, 2013

The Real Burlington Zephyr

As you can probably tell, I spent some time in Chicago this week.  I stopped by the real Zephyr to go inside and check out the train set itself.  I see why this has been reproduced so many times.  It is just gorgeous in person.  This really is a spectacular train by any measure.  If you have not been to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, just this alone makes it worth the visit.  By the way, they also have a pretty nice train display there (with trolleys and some great reproductions of classic trains) as well as a huge O gauge layout.  
Oh yes... And who can forget the "L".


scd1950 said...

A great museum. It's nice that they at last brought the Zephyr and U505 inside. Good ole Chicago, not a town I want to live in but I do enjoy our once a year trip---by taking AmTrack--during Christmas to it

scott davidson said...

Wahnsinnig schöne Farben und eine Landschaft zum Verlieben. Erinnert mich an ein Gemälde, ich glaub es heisst „Rainy Landscape“ von dem russischen Maler Kandansky, welches ich auf gesehen habe. Dort können Sie sich Gemälde drucken lassen oder auch handmalen lassen. Wirklich ein grossartiger Platz wo Sie die gleiche Art von Ihrem Gemälde finden können.

jimsbox1 said...

Ther used to be a full zephyr train set in kansas city parked in an industrial park siding. The interior was pretty gutted but the exterior was really nice considering it ahd obviously been abandoned for a lot of years. This was in the 80's. Does anyone know the current disposition of this train, its history
and the name?