Saturday, June 08, 2013

Great Train Camera

Hi All,

Periodically I get asked which camera is best for taking pictures of trains.  I tend to really like small cameras that offer huge amounts of flexibility.  I have DSLR's (Digital Single Lens Reflex) and the like, however I really like what are called Micro 4/3rds cameras for train photography.

Micro 4/3rds is mirrorless photography.  That means that the cameras themselves differ a bit from an SLR as it has no mirror.  However the body is significantly smaller and I still get the benefit of many options for interchangeable lens's.  If you've never heard of Micro 4/3rds (and many folks haven't), there are tons of web articles on it.

Carrying around a giant camera to capture HD video or high quality colors (like in standard gauge) is a pain in the neck.  What got me thinking about this is a price I saw on one of the best cameras out there.  The body (I bought it for $550) came down to about $230.  You'd need to buy a lens but the quality of the pics for low light layouts and the like is worth it.  I also like the fact that this looks like a camera or at least like cameras used to.  It isn't the high tech type of gadgety feel we all pretty much can't stand.

Check out the Panasonic GX1 here: great toy train camera.

No, I don't get paid or make any money from Panasonic or the like.  But I do make great pictures with this camera and frankly it is way less expensive than when it was introduced.  I also don't buy cameras to sell on eBay next week.  I keep them for years (so you know how I think when I do have to make a purchase). Now go out and capture that standard gauge in action!!


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