Monday, April 07, 2014

MTH Ives Catalog Re-think - Opinion

I've had some time to ponder this catalog and really look it over.  It's all stuff MTH has done before.  And it is two pages.

So now I have a couple of questions.  Is this really a product offering or just a pamphlet to see if any customers will bite on twice redone Tinplate sets?  I'm really hoping this isn't the wave of the future for MTH.  I'm hoping this isn't the end of a brilliant tradition started with tinplate catalogs and wonderful offerings dating back to when Mike started with Williams and culminating with his absolutely brilliant partnership with Lionel.

There is so much more room for innovative tinplate in the marketplace.  There is so much wonderful stuff out there that has never been adequately produced or reproduced and I hope MTH isn't throwing in the towel.  This shouldn't be a discussion just about standard gauge, it should also be about O gauge as well.

Fact is, this isn't even close to what Ives produced that was "uncataloged" either before Lionel snapped them up or after.  If MTH really had the guts they'd produce a super-rare item like the Ives Treasure Chest.  Or even some of Ives' One Gauge in Standard Gauge format.

Please don't abandon us MTH!


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