Sunday, July 06, 2014

Toy Trains at Disneyland....

I was hanging out in Anaheim, CA last week and I spent a few minutes (or hours/days) at Disneyland.  Disney California Adventure has some really cool train stuff, check out the windows in the stores with both prewar O Gauge and Standard Gauge.  They also have a mock up "Red Car" in Disney Adventure as well that's really nice. 

If you are a train nut, this is fun time.  Get a park hopper as Toontown also has a "Jolly Trolley" that really is very similar to the Fontaine Fox Toonerville Trolley.  It's kind of nice to see an actual real prototype of the Toonerville (yes, I know there are others).  Check out the pics....  I know, not a huge secret that Walt Disney, Ward Kimball, and the Disney team were/are train buffs.  It's just nice to see it reflected in a present day theme park.  Also, if you get a chance, check out the Radiator Springs at Disney California Adventure.  If you like toy trains and cars, you won't be disappointed.


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