Saturday, March 18, 2017

Prices and People in 2017

I watch the toy train world largely from the sidelines these days.  With many of my friends in the hobby gone and the hobby changing, much of the luster is gone for me.  I still love toy trains and I still have quite a few, however I haven't purchased a new toy train since 2015.  MTH's offerings are a bit on the high side for costing and most of them are re-treads of what was already there.  I really wanted a standard gauge subway set however that was not meant to be.

I watch may of the newbies struggling to find some of the stories online.  I periodically look at the forums.  I'm a little sad for them as they didn't get to meet some of the people I did like Lenny Dean or get to go to Madison Hardware (I did go and got to shake hands with Carl and Lou!).

It's time I hear some stories from some of my readers.  Send them to!


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