Sunday, February 05, 2006

Picked up some std gauge this weekend....

Picked up a ton of standard gauge this weekend. About the strangest thing I acquired was a scratchbuilt interurban. I put up some of it on eBay today. The Interurban was definitely the most interesting thing. Click on my eBay tab to the right or check out the attached pic.

Tons of track, transformers, track clips. All prewar Lionel gear. If anyone is interested, let me know otherwise I will chuck it up on eBay.

The one thing I am keeping (and I will put up some pics) was that they had about 100 or so signals I picked up; semaphors, crossing signals, lights, all in great condition, some with boxes. Again, something we don't concentrate on but that make the difference between a good layout and a great one.


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