Thursday, March 02, 2006

March Stout Auction

Looks like the March Stout auction is up. It has some nice standard gauge (especially freights). The Ralston Auction has also been up for a few weeks as well (happening March 4).

The interesting thing is that while both are fairly nice, they also don't have too much that is remarkable. The last Stout Auction had a really nice Blue Comet set.

Has anyone seen any standard gauge out there lately that was really unusual?

Also, I want to run a little poll: how many folks out there have 2 7/8 gear in their collection? I just saw a Converse Trolley out on eBay for over $23k (asking price) and I was wondering how many folks were actually interested in this?

So the question is: How many of you have a 2 7/8 gauge circle of track (either from JL Cowen or MTH) and a DC transformer?



Anonymous said...

I have a MTH repro of the wooden gondola (powered) That's it.
-Pat Rolland

Anonymous said...

Nope, no 2 7/8 here. Yet. I prefer the "Classic Period" stuff, but I wouldn't rule-out some 2 7/8 in the future.

Anonymous said...

I pickup the new MTH wooden gondola. A teriffic piece. It comes with the strip brass and wooden ties to make a circle of track.

VictorianToys said...

No 2 7/8 yet. However, I would like to find some authentic items in the future. -Brent

Anonymous said...

None here either. Prices are too high. It would be really neat to have one piece, but I cannot see that happening. As far as Stouts and Ralstons. I like to see nice clean average stuff. Stuff we can all relate to, and have a hope of getting our hands onto. An occasional big ticket item or scarce item is nice, but does nothing for me.