Saturday, March 18, 2006

NETTE Auction - April 8, 2006

The April 8 auction is up on the web. Mark Tobias told me about this set a few weeks ago. I heard about it but dismissed it as yet another Lionel set I had seen before.

This is one gorgeous set. I have never put these colors together before. This is really a heck of a nice set. I hope MTH catches the bug and puts something together like this.

I know everyone is waiting for me to start posting again. I've been completely inundated by work lately. I have also been cleaning out the old train room and figuring out what computer junk I need versus what can make room for trains.

Funny, when I was younger I felt very nostalgic and collected quite a few computers and items from my old jobs. I can't wait to get this stuff out of my house! I know that hindsight is 20-20 and that 50 years from now, I might regret it but somehow I doubt it. I have about 20 old computers sitting in my closet and they just aren't that interesting.

Yet again, trains have been interesting to me since I was 4 (36 plus years ago). Computers; I am over them.


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