Sunday, June 11, 2006

Great Rich Art Article

I was pouring through some ancient TTOS bulletins and I found this amazing article on Rich Art. Blow it up and read it using "Full Page View" on IE. Hilly Lazarus did some great writing for the TTOS bulletins. His knowledge and study of trains is exceptional.

This article is really worth reading. I am anxiously awaiting Arno's book on these makers of toy trains. I expect every reader of this blog to pick up a copy as soon as it is available!

As I have said in previous posts, much of their production is exclusive; one off's that are rare and almost always wonderful. I know Dick Mayer cranked out a ton of great trains and many are documented and many are not.

Take a gander at this article; what I am hoping is that it will inspire many of you out there with mechanical talent, patience and skill to think about building toys like these. Remember, we are remembered by our actions and the decisions we make. Great products and thought translated into amazing toys like these will make them the rare inspired artists of the future.

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