Friday, June 09, 2006

Station Envy......

My 116 Station and 129 Terrace seems so insignificant next to this thing.

I just bought a whole bunch of TTOS Bulletins and I saw this on the back of one. It's a model from the Worlds Fair of Grand Central.

Where did this station go? Please tell me that it wasn't lost to antiquity. What can anyone say when they see something like this?

I've been walking through Grand Central Station in NYC for more than 18 years and this is the first model I have seen that comes even close. The 116 station was close or at least I thought so. 1930 isn't that long ago, did anyone see this? What I wouldn't give to hang out with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and jump in the Wayback Machine" with as much 21st century multimedia gear as possible.

This by the way, is ignoring the simple fact that the trains leaving the station are also amazing....


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