Monday, July 24, 2006

Just say "why".....

Another insane eBay auction. $150k for a boxed Lionel set. Not early (or as early) as the seller thinks. I won't dwell on it. And I'm not putting up any pictures either.

"Why are you fascinated with this?" Not fascination, just morbid curiousity. More importantly, another person setting unreasonable expectations for prices realized by toy train sellers.

Go take a look at the one (count 'em, one) picture they posted.

By the way, I have another poll coming up. I think you'll like the next one. The current poll has been very informative, I hope the manufacturing powers that be consider it a nice chunk of free market research. The next one is veeerrryyy interesting as well. As I was writing it down it got more interesting. Go figure.


PS As a slight addendum, read the questions on the above linked eBay auction. As far as I can tell, one of eBay questions asks the seller to offer free shipping at $120k if he includes "handling" of the buyers genitals. I'm going to watch the questions, something tells me these are going to be good.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

By the way, here's a set where I think the bid is consistent with value. Friggin gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That seller was completely CLUELESS. He listed that train several times. In one of the first auction listings he answered all of the "Is this starting price/amount a typo" questions with "Have you ever seen one of these before????" Well, yes, I have 39 boxed sets in my collection including that one, some in even better condition, some the same condition, and a few worse. I didn't pay over $2000 for any one of them and that would be a rare color Standard gauge set. He had nothing to say to that reply, but stupidly kept wasting his time and money relisting the set without heeding anyones advice. Some people are just plain stupid.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

This is a bit of silliness that has always happened in the toy train and antique/toy world.

The only thing eBay does is show off the nonsense to the entire planet and not just a lone group of goofballs reading a club newsletter.

It's one of the reasons we shouldn't be using toys and antiques as investments. It encourages this kind of foolish thinking and eventually fakes and deceptions. The open market is good but it has its' limitations. This is especially true for people like the above seller that don't understand what the market will bear and what kind of bad behavior this encourages.

Nuff said. This guy is either not very bright or stupidly greedy or both. He'd be better off selling it with someone like NETTE and giving some of the proceeds to Hurricane Katrina victims. Might make up some karma for his shitty behavior.