Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Poll (slightly abridged)....

I've been told that quite a few of you don't want to join the Yahoo Groups. I think that's a mistake. It's a great way to exchange ideas on tinplate but if you must, here's an abridged version on the Standard Gauge Poll I mentioned in a previous post. Please don't hesitate to vote and vote often.

This poll (below) will let you vote as much as you want but only for one item at a time. The Yahoo poll will let you vote for as many choices as you would like to opt for.



If a standard gauge manufacturer were to produce any new train in standard gauge, which train should they produce? We are a market that is profitable and should be heard!
Hudson Tube Train
Creswell 600E (or some form of a Hudson)
1010 Interurban, Boucher Blue Comet
Hardcars, Doodglebugs, Galloping Goose
Smith Metalworks Type Buildings (new car barns, roundhouse, Bridges. etc.)
Modern Era in Std Gauge (Santa Fe, EP-5, DD1)
Flyer (Brass Piper, Pocahontas, Statesmen)
Streamliners (Blue Streak, M10000, Zephyr)
More Classics (390E in different colors, etc.), Ives and Flyer
Web Polls by Vizu

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