Monday, August 13, 2007

SGMA Layout in Altoona

Seeing this terrific video by Bert makes me even sadder I missed Altoona last weekend. Unfortunately Altoona falls about the same time my son's birthday does thus I can never seem to make it.

Here's Bert's first vid:

And Bert's second vid:

And the 3rd (a good shot of the Bhurlpasa tunnel):

And #4 (I liked the double header #9E Engines and the different color state cars):

And video #5 (I think it is a 42 and some 10 series cars):

All in all, some very smooth operation from the SGMA. All that hard work and debate paid off wonderfully. I can see that these modules fit together beautifully. I haven't seen standard gauge operation come together so smoothly and disparate parts work so cleanly. If nothing else, I plan on learning a bit from the SGMA list and incorporating it into my layout.

After I watched these clips from Bert I went up to my train room and did further clean up. A friend of mine who is a master carpenter came up with a new ceiling storage and display system that should look alot like Tom Sefton's. If I can pair that with some SGMA benchwork.... The ideas just keep rolling like an out of control train.

Regardless, this layout is inspiring and the people that built it are on to something and are just exceptional! I love it when 100 year old technology can still create new ways of seeing things. I can't wait to see it in person.


PS Speaking of cool stuff, go check out the Prewar Times. Josh has some pics up of the new MTH 1694 and Ives set. It is a stunning knockout!

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J. Schnibbe said...

My thanks go out to you and Bert for these video clips, Marc. Hopefully I'll get to see this layout operating in person the next time around!