Saturday, October 20, 2007

MTH 2008 Vol 1

Ok, I just picked up the catalog. I'll post some pictures of it shortly. Some initial observations:

- It looks like the catalog was put together quickly or hastily.
Premier, Railking, Railking Scale, Tinplate and accessories are all in one catalog.
The page layout isn't bad but it isn't as nice at MTH's catalog page layout usually is.
- The Tinplate section is very crowded.
You'll see what I mean when you look at it. It's definitely been condensed.
I liked the separate tinplate catalog much better.
- MTH seemed to pick some thing out of past production to produce and not others.
Such as a Blue 256 (why not red or orange?)
The 384 Christmas set (why not do a 385E Christmas set?)

So this catalog was quite a bit different. There were substantially less accessories in this catalog than any other MTH catalog I have ever seen. The basic tinplate accessories were intermingled with the actual tinplate toy train offerings. Very strange.

Having said all that, the green 390E makes you forget the catalog layout. It was the one item that I would have and always have picked as an ideal tinplate reproduction. I recently traded away a green 390E. They are hard to come by and cost a small fortune in good/original condition. They are gorgeous engines to be sure. I do hope that MTH offers 300 series cars to match the 390E offering in the same colors (Green with Orange trim or Green with light Green trim). Regardless, this engine is an instant winner and I would highly recommend getting in preorders sooner than later.

All told, still a very decent tinplate offering. MTH essentially took items from the last 3 catalogs and put as many as they could into this one. Really, they've done so much new tooling and work for the last few catalogs, I'll cut them some slack and say I'm glad they are not loading up on yet another set of new tinplate offerings without first shipping the one's they have already promised.

Pictures inbound shortly.....


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