Saturday, December 29, 2007

JAD Hiawatha On Display At Grand Central

I had a fun day in the Big Apple last weekend. New York is always a blast around the holidays. One of my stops is always Grand Central Station to see the holiday laser light show and to visit the Transit Museum Store. I was surprised and delighted at the window display at the store this year, which features a JAD Standard gauge Hiawatha and an AF Standard gauge Pocahontas set. I don't own either of them, so it was a pleasure to see them so prominently displayed. Inside the store there was a reprise of the large 0 gauge layout that I saw last year. This drew a big crowd.



Anonymous said...

Jim, Do you have a closer picture of the yellow info sheets in the front corner? I'm curious what they said about the trains. Did you find out what number the Hiawatha was?

Jim Kelly said...

Sorry, Arno, I don't have a readable photo of the info tags and it didn't dawn on me to look for the number of the set or loco. If I get back up there before the display is taken down I'll be sure to check it out. Jim