Sunday, December 02, 2007

Morphy Auction on Dec. 8th 2007

So I am sitting here bored out of my skull in an airport. I decide to do the ultra-geek thing and see if I can connect up to a wireless network. It works and I am instantly wasting time and money on eBay.
So I am surfing around and this Morphy auction comes up on Dec. 8th. Now Morphy auctions usually aren't major train auctions so the presence of a decent amount of standard gauge actually caught me off guard. Than I saw this thing:

I'm just not sure why anyone would do this? They want to make a 402 go only on 90 inch curves? They want it to be less reliable through every switch frog on the planet? Any thoughts? It sure doesn't make it look more majestic. If I won the auction those would be coming off faster than the engine would ever go...
Baffled and Confused

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