Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MTH Ives 3236

Not an official review, just some excitement at cracking open a new Ives loco. I read with some interest some fairly harsh criticism of MTH's Chinese manufacturing on the O Gauge Tinplate forums the other day.

If you look at the gearing for this engine (I tried to take some shots of the inner workings) it is really, really clean. When I pulled off the plate I had a huge amount of train grease on my hand as well as my table. I was very impressed by the application and usage of the train grease alone.

Overall, this is a very nice little engine. The paint application is terrific and consistent with prewar Ives paint. The engine itself came with an additional (and different) coupler set, flags and some traction tires. I was missing one set of flags in the box (easily purchased at a train show) however the packing was typical MTH overpacking.

The current Tinplate Catalog has been delayed because MTH wants to catch up with production. I hope the next generation of tinplate they introduce is as interesting as the little engine below.


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