Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Toy Train Giant Has DIed: Frank C. Hare

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Obituary:

All because his Aunt Kate gave him a little black wind-up steam engine 79 years ago, which he held onto ever since. It will go into his casket with him, at Mr. Hare's request.

I didn't know Frank Hare, but I did speak to him a couple of times, once to order some of the lovely American Flyer reproduction prewar catalogs that he published, and on another occasion to ask permission to use a photo from one of his books, which he gladly gave me. He struck me as being a fine gentleman and a real credit to our hobby. I regret that I didn't interview him for Tinplate Times.

Frank, have fun playing with that AF President's Special out there in the cosmos.


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