Saturday, February 28, 2009

Benchwork is finished!

Well, the Mianne benchwork for phase 1 of the layout is done. I put this together with my friend Ron in about 4 hours. This benchwork is really amazing stuff. The engineering that went into it is really cool. Check out the pics.

I'll post more pics tomorrow. Now I need to get over to Lowes and get some Luan Plywood. I've been told that 1/2 inch is preferable but I'm thinking 3/4 inch plywood. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Nice benchwork.
You might consider MDF. 1/2" MDF should work. There are several weights, heavy and light. Either would be way lighter and cheaper than 3/4" plywood. Easy to cut but puts out a lot of fine dust.

Good luck.


Jim Kelly said...

Looking good!

3/4" is overkill, Marc. I went with 1/2" and that worked fine.