Sunday, March 01, 2009

Benchwork Fin! (for now)

This is some seriously nice benchwork. I could see why the SGMA wasn't keen on it though, this doesn't look like it would be very friendly to get built up and broken down again and again. The modularity of it is wonderful but it isn't very friendly on the breakdown. It IS very friendly on the build up and adding additions though. It's one of the reasons I said "for now" in my completion of benchwork. I think I can fit a whole additional section on for another 4 to 6 feet of space. My friend Ron and I were completely blown away by the engineering and design of this stuff. If you get a chance I highly recommend seeing Mianne at one of the train shows here in the Northeast. Really, you all know I like motive power, color graphics and the like. I have a very soft spot in my heart for metal trains and the like. This benchwork really exposed me to something new.
With some guidance from my friend Ron (he is really smart and generally brilliant with putting things together) we put this together most of the day yesterday. Why am I so impressed? Well, we only needed two Philips Head screw drivers to put this entire thing together. It is absolutely rock solid and it took about 5 hours to assemble correctly. When I mean solid, I mean very stable and steady. The benchwork comes with casters on the bottom; if you have an attic floor like mine that is 115 years old (no exaggeration), the floor isn't exactly what you'd call "level". This benchwork makes that problem (of being level) almost irrelevant. It's also all made out of a wonderful wood (kiln dried poplar). It's super hard wood yet really light to lift. My friend Ron and I could lift the whole set of works together with ease.
Next week (if I can get to Lowes or Home Depot), I'll tell you and show you how I mounted the Luan Plywood. I've had some guidance from other friends on paints to use on the plywood to simulate prewar landscape colors. Don't hesitate to call or write with any ideas!
PS Yet again, the best part of trains - hanging out with your friends and building stuff.

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