Thursday, September 17, 2009

Addams Family Layout

This was sent to my by a friend, I did some research and it was pulled from the website. If they mind me posting it I will remove it. I've never actually seen the whole layout before.

Still, it is pretty nice nonetheless. It shows that fabulous Gomez Addams layout that everyone watched on the show. I watched so many Addams Family shows just to see this layout and John Astin destroying the trains. It was absolutely brilliant. I could never tell what the layout looked like (until now that is). It's actually a pretty involved layout. The collisions were absolutely priceless. I never had the guts to fry a train like Gomez Addams, now GI Joe's, that was another story entirely....

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alex said...

Marc, Classic toy Trains did an article on the addams family layout as used in the film many years ago - at least 15. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

The layout scheme above is from the 1990's Addams Family movie. The original TV series layout was only a 5 X 9.


marry said...

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Louise said...

I saw The Addams Family last year and loved it! Lane and Neuwirth were fantastic as well as Krysta Rodriguez. The story line and music were very entertaining and tickets weren't cheap, i got them from ...hopefully they do make it on Broadway again.
It’s one of my favourite shows; I would see it again in a heartbeat!

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