Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Online Viewing the TCA Quarterlys

Knapp find at York.

One of the great services offered by the TCA is their reference library and recently, the availability online to TCA members of scanned copies of all of the Quarterlys dating back to the first issue.

Here's a tidbit from the January 1960 issue. Oh, if only we could turn back the clock!

Al Roth is thinning his collection,dups,
color variations, etc. Howard, Elektoy,
Knapp, C&F, Ives, Lionel and good old
Voltamp.There will be also odds and ends
of separate locos, cars,and accessories.
Some catalogs, tremendous amount of parts.
Indicate your wants now..
Al is having a get-together in Baltimore
at Munder's Lauraville House Aug.6,1960.
Lunch and dinner at nominal fee.. Make
reservations early as there is space for
only 75. 3401 Parkside, Balto 14, Md.


Brian O. said...


Neat post. Do you know where online I can find more out about Knapp (besides the TCA)?

Jim Kelly said...

Brian, I haven't found much online, but for photo reference I like to search completed listings at It's also fun to see what the closing prices were.