Sunday, October 11, 2009

NETTE Auction plus posts

A little pic of a Weeden Dart from the upcoming New England Toy Train Exchange October Auction.

Always worth a look.

Well, I apologize for the dry days of no posts, I have this really nice Kodak camera that takes great pictures but eats batteries for lunch. I bought a really expensive battery at one of our nationwide electronics stores. I charged the battery, put it in the camera and I can take about 5 pictures before it goes dead. It isn't the camera. I took the battery back to the store and they told me "30 days and you own it, we don't stand behind rechargeable batteries". Essentially making it difficult for me to take pictures.

Thus I found the same batter on eBay for 1/3 of the price with a longer warranty. Ergo, I should start posting soon.

I just took delivery of the amazing Olson 123X tunnel. For slightly under $300, this tunnel is sure to be a classic. Some pictures are coming up shortly (as soon as I get the battery from the store in Boston). Brian Olson is really an artist, I can't say enough good things about these people and the quality of their work.

York is upon us as is the season to aggressively play with trains. This week on my layout I've been running a Gunmetal 385E and Ives Transition cars. It was almost painful to take them off. I'm putting on a Dorfan steamer and some passenger cars though, I really enjoy watching the Dorfan steamers chug around the layout. I'm also pulling a station this week and probably putting up the Hellgate bridge. I'll post some pictures.

I've watched a ton of chatter on the Tinplate Forums. Pretty good stuff. I was very greatful for the advice on the Gargraves track. I'm still mulling it over. I like switching and I can't do any switching with the 5 rail track. I can however, have fewer derailments and better conductivity. So we'll see. I have enough Gargraves track to do the whole layout. I guess I just need someone to talk me into it! ;)

Looks like the Brute is starting to ship according to Charlie Nassau. I like Charlie. He's always what I think of when I see a reputable train dealer that cares as much about his customers as he does his own store and emloyees. I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to pay for my Brutes. Insane? Yes, most definitely. I've sat way too often with people that didn't buy a train when they had the chance or missed an opportunity. I know, it's stupid. I've been waiting for these engines for over 10 years. As soon as I saw the real Brute I wanted one, I just couldn't afford a half million bucks! I know this is going to be a terrific engine and I'll post a review as soon as I scare up the funds to pay for it.

Comments? Thoughts about the upcoming train season? Surely there must be some speculation on the new Lionel catalog ala MTH?


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