Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nevada State Railway Museum

Just out at the Hoover Dam earlier this week and I passed by Nevada State Railway Museum. Utterly fantastic. I actually first saw these cars on a siding:
They caught me completely by surprise. Like a typical train nut, I hopped over a small bunch of stones and started taking some shots. My haste was probably not a good idea. I forgot where I was (Nevada). I looked down and there were about 30 well dug, very neat little holes, one of which had a very large reptilian tail sticking out of it. I promptly hopped right back over that little stone wall and took pictures on pavement. I then proceeded to the Hoover Dam thinking that was the end of it.

Well, after the Dam I doubled back and checked out the train museum again. Here is the first pic of what I saw:

More pics later. This was one heck of a nice museum. They had a wonderful authentic car barn as well. I wish I was there while it was open, it is actually only open on the weekends. Still, it was a heck of a find I wasn't expecting.


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