Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Route 66 (The Grand Canyon Railway)

So I was hanging around Route 66 last week in Williams, AZ and I caught this quick pic. I love Route 66.

This town in Arizona is special because it is the home of the Grand Canyon Railroad. I jumped down there kind of late in the day and grabbed some pics as fast as I could before it got dark. The Grand Canyon railroad is really something. I've never seen so many fluted steel cars in one place at one time that were still in great operating condition. Check out this gorgeous postwar Lionel car (ok, it's the real thing, just pulling your leg...)
They had a couple of absolutely MINT ATSF Cabooses hanging around both in the train yard and at the place below. There is a little motel/RV Camping area outside of town that uses old train cars as offices, etc.. The cars were in really good shape and were interesting to see off the tracks.

The Grand Canyon Railroad also has a hotel that is spectacular and an absolutely beautiful station. If you like trains, get down to Williams, AZ. And the food..... More on that later...


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Scott said...

Do they still have the G gauge around the room in the restaurant?