Monday, August 09, 2010

Beautiful AF Pocahontas Cars!

I've actually been downsizing my Standard Guage collection during the past few years. I've sold off some big sets and a lot of single items, locos and cars. My interests have shifted toward early American 2 inch gauge and Marklin gauge 0 and gauge 1. With limited space (and a linited train budget) I have to concentrate on where my interests lie. Last winter I was about to part with my boxed AF "Shasta" locomotive until I took it off the shelf and looked at it again closely. It is such a masterpiece that I couldn't bear to sell it, even though I did not have the "Pocahontas" passenger cars that go with it. So I put the loco back on the shelf. Recently, I purchased three Pocohantas cars on EBAY. Now I'm really glad that I saved the Shasta because these cars are just georgeous. I can't wait to get this set rolling on the layout. The colors are really great.

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Brian O. said...

That is a sweet looking set of Pocahontas cars. I remember first seeing a photo of these years ago in a CTT article on Chuck Brasher's layout. In fact, I kind of fell in love with AF Wide Gauge because of that.