Friday, August 20, 2010

Mountain Railway Gondola

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Picked up this cute little Tucher and Walther Railway Gondola. I thought it looked more like one of those "transfer warehouses" from MTH. Whatever it is, I thought it was kind of neat. Has a little wheel on the other side to hitch up a little steam engine to make the cars go in and out of the buildings. Now I just have to make some layout space...

4 comments: said...

Hello Marc,

How might I email you privately about a standard gauge issue that I would rather not put on the blog?


Richard Douglass
Kent, Washington

Joe Lyons said...

Love it! Can you post a picture of it next to a Standard Gauge Train for size comparison?

Standard Gauge Blogger said...


I am in the TCA Directory, very easy to get a a hold of. My email is also in the directory as well.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...
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