Sunday, December 26, 2010

New York City Nostalgia Train

Every year around this time New York City does some really fun stuff around the holidays, particularly with the transit system. Yesterday was no exception; NYC Transit ran old subways and buses. No surprise, many of the riders liked the old stuff better (go figure)! Here is a fantastic Youtube...

By the way, here is what driving around New York City in 1928 looked like (not a whole lot different than today...)



Simon said...

I really enjoyed the old New York Youtube, Marc!!I'm just wondering- the steetcars have a middle slot, and no overhead wires, do you know if they're Cable Trams or an underground electrical conduit? I enjoy your blogs! All the best for the New Year!

Cheers, Simon

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I'm not sure about your question. NYC Subways all have to run off of a third rail. NYC subways are completely electric. No steam trains are allowed in NYC (100 year old rule). Go figure! Happy 2011!

scd1950 said...

When I was in NY in 1972---US Navy--this is the stuff they were running at the time. For a kid from Central Illinois, this was a treat. Even went to Madison Hardware, even a bigger treat.